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China scared of America, gave orders to the army not to shoot

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In the South China Sea, China often intimidated small countries. Then America came forward to help all those countries, due to which China told its army not to take any action which would increase the tension in the region.

Beijing China, which is thinking of occupying the world, has finally come to the backfoot with the sharp attitude of America. China has often threatened small countries in the South China Sea. But now he has issued an order to his army, which says that the Chinese Navy should not take any such step in South China Sea which increases the tension in the region. At the same time, the Chinese army has been ordered not to fire the first shot on its behalf. Actually, China was trying to occupy some new islands along with threatening the small countries of the region such as the Philippines and Taiwan. Then the US promised help from these countries and last month deployed two warships in the South China Sea. After this, the attitude of China has become loose.

According to ‘The Diplomat’ website, a Chinese officer has been quoted as saying that the Chinese Navy has been given clear orders by the Chinese Navy stationed in the South China Sea that the first fire on any American ship or plane in any condition on its behalf. Should not be done. As far as possible the situation should be kept under control and efforts should be made to reduce stress. US President Donald Trump had been giving continuous warning to China for a few months, plotting to occupy the entire South China Sea. Last month, the US Navy deployed two of its most powerful and modern warships, the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Nimitz, in the region. Fighter jets on these warships flew 75 kilometers from Shanghai. Every movement of the Chinese Army was recorded. Trump said that China is taking advantage of the epidemic. We will not let this happen.

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Defense Ministers talks of both countriesAccording to the report, the Defense Minister of China had a conversation with the US Defense Minister last week. During this time, the US Defense Minister Mark Asper had clearly told the Defense Minister of China that it is the responsibility of China to reduce or stop the tension. Asper said that America will not tolerate any aggressive attitude, it will be answered.


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