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China, America warns in preparation for attack on Taiwan, says – results will be bad

Photo hundred (Al Jazeera)

Tensions have increased again in the US and China, in the wake of which the USS Ronald Reagan conducted exercises in South China Sea. At the same time, China has been warned that getting involved with Taiwan will have bad consequences.

Beijing Tensions between America and China continue. As a result, in view of the increasing number of Chinese troops and warships on the Taiwan border, the US has again deployed its aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to the South China Sea. The US warship also conducted maneuvers near an island close to China. The aircraft carrier of the US Navy is considered a symbol of US naval strength around the world. America has started this exercise in South China Sea at a time when the Chinese Navy is also conducting exercises in this area. Joshua Fagan, Air Operations Officer of the USS Ronald Reagan, said that this exercise in the South China Sea is aimed at helping every country in the region to fly, sail through the sea and operate according to international laws. In this area, China has disputes with many countries including Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brunei and the Philippines.

The People’s Liberation Army of China is planning to conduct a large-scale training exercise on Hainan Island. According to Japanese media, the Chinese military may also attempt to occupy the Taiwan-controlled islands during this time. China has deployed large-scale Marine commandos, landing ships hovercraft and military helicopters near the Taiwanese border for this exercise to be conducted under the direction of the PLA’s Southern Command Theater.

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China and Taiwan are enemiesIn 1949, the Communist Party under the leadership of Maotse Tung overthrew the Comingtang government led by Chiang Kai-shek. After which Chiang Kai-shek went to Taiwan island and formed his government. The Communist Party did not have a strong navy at that time. Therefore, they did not cross the sea and took possession of this island. Since then Taiwan considers itself the Republic of China.


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