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H1B VISA: Biden strongly condemned Trump, saying- “They will stand with Indians in crisis”

Biden strongly condemned Trump for his H1B visa.

Elections are to be held on 3 November in the US for the Presidential Election. The Democratic and Liberal Party are making various promises to woo about 40 lakh Indians.

Washington. In the US presidential election, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden on Saturday released his party’s Election Agenda. The Democratic Party has taken into account its 4 million population living in America. In the agenda, Joe Biden has said that if he becomes the President, his administration will stand with New Delhi to fight every threat that comes to India. Biden, who made Indian-born Kamala Harris the vice-presidential candidate, has called for further strengthening of ‘relations’ between India and the United States. He said that he will keep Indo-American relations paramount.

‘India and America become close friends, the world will be safe’

Joe Biden criticized Trump for taking actions against H1B visas and promised that he would continue to trust the Indian community if he became president. Addressing the Indian community on India’s Independence Day, Biden said that 15 years ago I was spearheading the ongoing efforts to approve the historic nuclear deal with India. I said at that time that if India and America become close friends and partners then this world will become a safe place.

Presidential elections to be held in first week of NovemberPresidential elections are to be held in the first week of November in America. Joe Biden is 77 years old. He is challenging the current President and candidate Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

‘I will stand at the time of the dangers on the border’

Joe Biden said that if I become the President, I will continue this series of beliefs about relations with India even further. Along with this, I will stand in the area at the time of threats coming to India on the same area and border. He said that he will work on expanding the two-way trade between the two countries and will face issues like climate change and global health security.

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Biden said that his full support for the Indian American will continue. My colleagues are Indians. The Obama administration also gave the most Indians a place in its administration and now I have chosen Kamala Harris of Indian origin as my running mate. If we win, Kamala Harris will be the first Vice President of Indian origin.


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