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India-China Standoff: China, India, US, Japan and Australia panic in this new organization

India, Japan and Australia came together under the leadership of America

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: India (India), US (US), Australia (Australaia) and Japan (Japan) have agreed to pursue the concept of quad- ‘quadrilateral security dialogue’ to deal with China’s aggression. The US has clearly said that now a NATO-like organization is also needed in South Asia.

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  • Last Updated:September 21, 2020, 10:24 AM IST

Beijing / Washington. India (India), US (US), Australia (Australaia) in view of the growing Chinese presence in the Indian border, South China sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan (Taiwan). And Japan has decided to come together. To counter China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region, these four countries are now in the process of forming an organization for greater military and commercial cooperation. It is currently being called the Quad-Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. However, China has rejected all possibilities of these organizations coming into existence.

These four democratic countries are mutual partners under the Quad, but at present it is an informal organization. Earlier, America had said that the concept of Indo-Pacific has included India in a big solution. Not only this, the Trump administration is developing a new system to coordinate with like-minded partners like Quad countries. According to a top US diplomat, in November 2017, India, the US, Australia and Japan shaped a long-pending quad alliance to curb China’s growing influence. Its purpose is to keep the sea-lanes of the Indo-Pacific region operational without any pressure and interruption.

Situation critical on South China Sea
Explain that China claims almost the entire South China Sea, but Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam claim parts of it. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, David Stillwell told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, ‘You have seen that India is very strong in this regard. The concept of Indo-Pacific has included India in a big solution. US Assistant Secretary of State and US Special Representative for North Korea, Stephen Began, said to hold a meeting in New Delhi by the end of October to discuss formalizing the coalition on the basis of ‘quadruple shared interests’. Has been planning Stephen Began’s remarks came after the envoys from India, Japan and Australia agreed to ‘launch a joint initiative’.NATO-like organization in Asia

According to experts, America now wants to form a NATO-like organization with a view to strengthen its position in the Indo-Pacific region. Due to China’s ambitious Belt and Road economic project, its military bases are being built in most South Asian countries and the US is worried about it. Through the Quad, the US is preparing to pit the big countries of South Asia such as India and Japan against China.

However, the Chinese media is constantly rejecting the possibility of this ‘quad’ being made. On 20 August, the newspaper called the Chinese government’s mouthpiece, The Global Times, wrote, “China-India and China-Japan relations have not deteriorated as fast as China-US relations have come.” The newspaper also wrote that “negotiations with India are still continuing with the general trend and Japan will need China for its economic development after the epidemic.” On the other hand, Trump is openly saying that Asia also needs an organization like NATO.


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