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Alert! Scientists warn- world will suffer ‘double epidemic’ in winter, be prepared

‘Double epidemic’ threat in winter

Fear of a Twindemic: Scientists have expressed concerns about the ‘double attack’ of the epidemic in the coming winter. According to experts, together Kovid-19 and seasonal flu can cause havoc.

New York. Coronavirus cases are increasing worldwide, even in countries like New Zealand. In such a situation, scientists have warned of a ‘Twindemic’ situation in the coming winter. According to public health experts, winters are bringing bad news and along with Kovid-19, the seasonal flu season is also ready to wreak havoc. Scientists are calling this situation ‘twinedemic’.

According to a report published by the New York Times, seasonal flu is a very common disease in the winter season, but most hospitals are full of its patients. However, this year is different and all the hospitals are already full of Kovid-19 patients. In such a situation, where will the treatment of seasonal flu patients be? The second question is that the initial symptoms of Kovid-19 and seasonal flu are also the same, in such a situation that congestion in the hospitals will increase and confusions are also going to arise. People were given ‘flu shots’ to avoid seasonal flu, which is not possible this year. This will increase the number of patients rapidly. According to experts, the symptoms of flu are also – fever, headache, phlegm, throat pain, body pain. On one hand, it easily looks like Kovid-19 and at the same time it increases the risk of corona infection manifold. Corona infection can prove to be a further component for a person prone to flu.

Concern of scientists increasedLet us know that scientists from all over the world are very concerned about this ‘tandemic’ and are putting a lot of emphasis on ‘flu shot’. Robert Redfield, director of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that we are asking big companies to campaign to give ‘flu shots’. At least make them available to their employees. CDC has been giving 5 lakh doses to hospitals every year, but this year 9.3 million flu shots have already been ordered in the wake of apprehensions. American Corona Expert Doctor Anthony Fauchi has also advised people to take flu shots. He said that through this you will be free from the danger of one of the two respiratory diseases at the same time.

Even in Britain, PM Boris Johnson has started a campaign for a flu shot in view of the situation. He called the people opposing the flu vaccine crazy and said that this is the only way through which the fight against the epidemic can continue. Australia started such ‘flu shot’ campaign in many areas of the country only in April. In the US, there is a vaccine for children in the nursery school itself, but this time the vaccination could not be done due to the closure of the school. This work was done under the supervision of University of California, they have announced that by November, 2 lakh 30 thousand employees and 2 lakh 80 thousand students will need flu shot. According to the CDC, between 39 million and 56 million cases of seasonal flu can be reported in the US this year. About 7 lakh 40 thousand people may need hospital, while it may also result in up to 62 thousand deaths.


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