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US Election: Biden’s promise, will win India seat on Security Council

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden (file photo)

In the presidential election of America, candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party said that they will work together with India against terrorism.

Washington. Current President Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden are engaged in wooing American Indians in the US election to be held in November. In this episode, a top official of Biden’s publicity campaign said that the Biden administration will advocate India’s leading role in international institutions. Also, the United Nations will help India in becoming a member after reforming the Security Council. The officer has also promised to help India get a seat in the United Nations Security Council after its reform. Former diplomat and Biden’s top foreign policy adviser Tony Blinken said the Biden administration would adopt a policy of not tolerating terrorism in South Asia at all.

During the panel discussion on Indian-American and US-India relations in the Biden administration, Blinken said on Saturday that if Biden wins the election, he will help India get a seat on the Security Council and protect India and the US Will strengthen the relationship. He said in response to a question by former US ambassador to India Richard Verma that he believes that Joe Biden will work as president to revive democracy and with close allies like India. Blinken was questioned that the world is seeing Chinese aggression on the Indo-Pacific region and the Indian border. India is facing the threat of terrorism across the border, how the Biden administration will support India in the US. He said that in the Obama administration we played an important role in establishing India as an important ally of the Indo-Pacific strategy. There is a need to extend this role even beyond the region. In the Biden administration we would advocate that India play a leading role in international institutions.

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Will work together against terrorismBlinken said that we will work together to strengthen India’s capabilities as a partner against defense and terrorism. The Biden administration will adopt a policy of not tolerating terrorism at all, including South Asia.


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