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US: In the election meeting, the woman said – My father died due to trust in Donald Trump

Kristin Urquiza said her father’s life was lost because of trusting Trump

In America, Christine Urquiza accused Donald Trump of Donald Trump’s death, and said that my father trusted Donald Trump, he had to pay it for his life.

Washington. During the US Presidential Election campaign, the Democratic Party gave an opportunity to speak to an army of passionate speakers during their virtual convention. The Democratic Party is doing this as part of a strategy to facilitate the transition of Joe Trump to President, replacing Donald Trump. On this occasion, Michelle Obama, who was the first woman of America and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, made serious allegations against Donald Trump in his statement. Corona virus outbreaks have been widespread in the states of Mitchell and Cuomo. These speakers made many kinds of allegations on Trump.

‘My father was 65 years old and fully fit’

One of these speakers, Kristin Urquiza, was also present in the virtual meeting. Kristin’s father died due to a corona virus infection. He blamed his father’s death on the failed leadership of the country. Kristin said that my father was 65 years old and completely healthy. My father used to trust Donald Trump a lot until his death and he had to pay the price for it.

Kristin came in the headlines for the first time in JulyKristin, who lives in San Francisco, first made headlines last July. She then accused Donald Trump of the death of his father, Mark Anthony, and said that my father’s death was due to politicians’ negligence. He wrote that the country’s politician took the virus lightly. He said that my father, while taking his last breath while dying, told me that liking Donald Trump filled me with a feeling of deception. I got cheated for liking. This is the reason why I will vote for Joe Biden and I will do this because of my father.

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Vedas and verses of Mahabharata are being read in America’s election meetings

The United States has 78 days to hold a presidential election and Democrats used the opportunity on Monday to attack Trump on the Corona virus epidemic, racial justice, and the shattering economy. Former rival Bernie Sanders and prominent Republican John Kasich also attended the event demonstrating unity for the military.


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