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Michelle Obama told Donald Trump America’s ‘wrong president’

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama in her speech at a virtual convention of the Democratic Party, called President Donald Trump a wrong president.

Washington. Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barak Obama and the first woman of the country, in her speech at the virtual party’s virtual conference, called President Donald Trump a wrong president. Mitchell gave a speech of about 20 minutes. This was a unique experiment at a virtual conference organized by the Democratic Party in the Corono period, held for the first time in the history of American elections.

‘Donald Trump had time to prove himself’

On the first day of this conference, on Monday, Michelle Obama gave the last and longest speech for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In this passionate speech, he said that let me be as honest and clear as possible. He took a dig at Trump and said that Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. Donald Trump had ample time to prove himself, but he did not prove himself to be the one who was hoping for the American public.

Corona virus killed 1.7 million peopleMichelle Obama talked about the importance of voting in the November 3 election by encouraging people to register to vote in elections. They have killed 1,70,000 Americans and infected more than 5 million people. He said that Trump won the election even after losing the popular vote in 2016 and we are all suffering as a result.

Joe Biden is not even perfect: Michelle

He said that while speaking on Joe Biden, he is also not perfect but he knows what to do to save an economy and lead our country by defeating the Corona epidemic. He said that if we have any hope of ending this chaos, then we have to vote for Joe Biden, because now our life depends on it.

The conference also mentioned the US Postal Service

In this conference, the delay in the mail delivery of the US Postal Service was also discussed. Due to the Corona epidemic in the US, some states had spoken out on efforts to expand voting-by-mail options, which Trump rejected. Michelle Obama also criticized Trump on this. The issue remained an important topic during Monday night’s conference with many speakers expressing concern over the current state of the postal service and encouraging the audience to vote early.

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Observers noted that Michelle Obama in her speech did not mention Kamala Harris, the first black and Indian-origin candidate for Vice President. The reason for this is that in keeping with the virtual nature of the convention, Obama’s speech was recorded before Biden’s announcement last Tuesday that he had chosen California’s Sen. Kamala Harris as his partner.


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