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Speakers at the Democratic convention called Donald Trump a divisive country

Washington. The Democratic Party’s National Conference (DNC) began in the US on Monday night with a call to unify the country to defeat President Donald Trump in the presidential election. There is complete preparation to create a new history by declaring Senator Kamla Harris of Indian origin as the Vice Presidential candidate of the country.

Trump made things difficult for the country: Mitchell

Michelle Obama, wife of former US President Barack Obama, launched an attack on Trump, saying he was “a wrong president for our country” who “has created difficult situations”. Michelle said, “We live in a country that is badly divided, and I am a black woman speaking at the Democratic convention.” He said this through his video conference of the conference. The conference is being organized online in view of the corona virus. So far, more than 1,70,000 people have died due to infection in the US and 54 lakh people are infected.

‘Biden must vote to end anarchy’He said that if we have to end this anarchy, then we have to vote for Joe Biden. In this conference, Biden (77) will be formally nominated as the party’s presidential candidate and Indian-origin Harris (55) as the vice-presidential candidate.

Donald Trump does not understand who we are as Americans: Harris

Harris will be the first black, first Indian-American and first African-American woman to be nominated as a Vice Presidential candidate by a major political party. Harris is scheduled to address the conference on Wednesday. He said in a brief comment that ‘Donald Trump does not understand who we are as Americans. He doesn’t really understand.

At the conference, everyone described Trump as the country divided

All the speakers who addressed the conference criticized Trump’s policies and alleged that he had divided the country. The most egregious attack was done by Michelle Obama who said that ‘I am as honest and clear as possible that Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He got enough time to prove that he can work on this post, but he continues to complicate the problems. They cannot fulfill the existing norms. He is not the person we need. this is fact.’

Our progress will be endangered if Donald Trump is elected: Sanders

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that “if Donald Trump is re-elected, the progress we have made will be in danger.” He accused Trump of adopting a careless attitude towards the epidemic, which led to the loss of 300 million jobs.

Trump is dividing the country instead of reforming the economy: Amy

Former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said that Trump is in my province (Minnesota) today. Instead of taking steps for the epidemic and the needs of our economy, they are trying to divide people. Indian-origin Democratic leader Sarah Gideon said that by Biden’s arrival at the White House “we will be able to bring our economy back on track and strengthen our communities further”.

US stands at the crossroads: John Kasich, former GOP governor

The Republican Party faced an awkward situation when its former GOP governor John Kasich said the American people were standing at a crossroads. He said that ‘what is at stake in this election is more than any modern time. Many of us are worried about the path we have been following for the last four years. This is the path which has divided the people.

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At the same time, former presidential candidate Corey Booker, while addressing the DNC, said that we have got the opportunity to limit Donald Trump to only one term and that opportunity is still there. Significantly, in the US presidential election to be held on November 3, 77-year-old Biden is up against current President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump.


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