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200 students of 6 universities of US are infected, WHO said – Youth spreading

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COVID-19 Infection in US University: At the University of Iowa, more than 175 students have been found infected in the US while more than 200 children have been found infected in 6 universities. Since the school opened on 3 August, more than 2000 children are in quarantine.

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  • Last Updated:August 19, 2020, 12:23 PM IST

Washington. More than 200 students have been found in 6 universities of US (US) infected (Covid-19 Positive). Apart from this, more than 2000 children of schools in five states of America have been quarantined. The University of Iowa alone has the highest number of 175 students infected. The second is the University of Notredem, whose report of more than 80 students has been Corona positive. The highest number of 1100 children in Georgia’s Cherokee County School has been quarantined. Schools and colleges were allowed to reopen in the US on August 3, after which cases of corona infection have been continuously reported. On the other hand, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the US alone, the cases of corona infection is estimated to reach one crore 1.5 million, and not only this, there is also a possibility of death of four lakh people.

The WHO has issued a warning saying that 20 to 40 year olds are spreading corona infection worldwide, they need to be cautious. World Health Organization director general Tedrus Adnom Gabriasis says, “The challenge before us is how to convince the youth about the risk of corona virus. We have said this before and still say that the youth can be killed by the corona and they can spread it to others also. In many countries from England to Japan and Germany to Australia, youth are being held responsible for the rise in new cases of corona virus. Many officials say that people of this age have become bored in lockdown, so now they are going out without following social distancing. Dr Hans Cluj, Regional Director for Europe at the World Health Organization, told the BBC, ‘We have received reports from citizens and health officials that the highest number of new cases of infection is youth. However, there is no clear evidence for this at the moment.

Not only party, youth are also going out for workHowever, some experts also say that a large number of youth also work in different fields. There are many areas in which work has started, so the youth are also going out for work. Richard Lees, deputy-mayor of Greater Manchester in England, told reporters last week, “There has been a significant increase in cases of young people being corona positive.” In view of this, the government also implemented local lockdown. Lees had said that most new infections are being found in the city among the youth. Many people are behaving as if the epidemic is over. They are going to house parties or illegal rave parties.

One of the reasons for the rise in cases of corona virus in Tokyo is that the youth have started going to the bar. Japan has the highest infection among people aged 20 and 29 years. A similar situation has also been observed in Australia. Now in the Australian state of Victoria, people have been allowed to go out for important things like food, some care, exercise and work. That too when these things cannot be done from home. Also, night curfew has also been imposed from 8 am to 5 am. In Europe, there has been an increase in cases from favorite places in Barcelona to northern France and Germany for summer holidays. In such a situation, Spain and Germany have also imposed night curfew. France also has the highest increase in corona virus cases among people aged 15 and 44 years.


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