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Kamala Harris targets Trump, says- he uses our troubles as a political weapon

Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris (Photo-AP)

President Election- Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris during this time he remembered his mother. Harris’s mother was from Tamil Nadu, India. Harris said that she had arrived here with the help of her mother,

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  • Last Updated:August 20, 2020, 12:37 PM IST

Washington. Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris has accepted the Democratic Party’s candidacy for the election of the US Vice-President. With this, she has become the first Indian-American and the first black woman to get the ticket of this important national post from a major political party. Harris, 55, was named the vice presidential candidate at the party’s digitally-held national convention on Wednesday. In his first speech, he launched a fierce attack on US President Donald Trump. Harris alleges that Trump uses people’s troubles as a political weapon

Tribute to black women
In his speech, Harris accepted the candidature and paid tribute to the black women who came before him and who pledged to fight for the country. Harris said, ‘I accept your nomination for the election of Vice President of America. Let us fight with conviction, fight with expectation, fight with confidence and commitment to each other.

Remember my motherDuring this time he remembered his mother. Harris’s mother was from Tamil Nadu, India. Harris said that she has reached here with the help of her mother, ‘a woman who came here from India with a dream of finding cancer treatment at the age of 19. He met my father at the University of California at Berkeley – who came from Jamaica to study economics.

Trump accused of failing
Harris accused US President Donald Trump of failed leadership. He said that the leaders of the Republican Party ‘make our difficulties a political weapon. The failures of Donald Trump’s leadership have hurt people’s lives and their livelihoods.

Elect a good president
Harris said, ‘We should elect a president who will do something different, something better and more important. A president who will bring all of us – white, black, Latin, Asian, indigenous people together and work to achieve the future that we want collectively. ‘ He said, ‘We should choose Joe Biden. I know Joe as the Vice President. I know Biden from the campaign. But first I knew him as my friend’s father. Biden and Harris will challenge Trump and his vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence in the November 3 election.


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