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iPhone maker Apple created history, 150 million crore rupees company, more than Russia’s GDP

Apple becomes world’s largest company

World Biggest Company- The stock of iPhone maker Apple reached its all-time high during trading on Wednesday. Its company’s market cap rose to a record level of $ 2 trillion (about Rs 150 lakh crore).

Washington. World’s largest The market cap of tech company Apple has reached $ 2 trillion (about 150 lakh crore rupees) for the first time. It is the first American company to achieve this milestone. Earlier in the year 2018, the company achieved a market cap of $ 1 trillion (Rs 75 lakh crore). Apple’s stock reached its highest level on Wednesday on Nasdaq, the major stock exchange of the US stock market. Because of this, the company’s market cap has crossed $ 2 trillion (about 150 lakh crore rupees). Let us tell you that this company that made iPhone was listed on the stock market on 12 December 1980. Since then, the company’s stock has given 76000 percent returns.

Meaning of becoming a 2 trillion dollar company- Currently, Apple is the largest company in the world in terms of market cap. The company’s market cap has exceeded the GDP of many countries such as Russia, Brazil, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, UAE and Norway.

Why the company’s stock is gaining momentum Apple achieved a market cap of $ 1 trillion two years ago. US Steel achieved a market cap of $ 1 billion in 1901. However, in terms of the world, Apple is not the first company to achieve a market cap of $ 2 trillion. Saudi Aramco reached this position as soon as it came in the stock market last year. Experts say that a lot of expectations are being raised about Apple’s new 5G iPhone. That is why the stock continues to boom.

Apple may shock China China is going to suffer another major setback amid Coronavirus Pandemic. Apple assembly partner Pegatron will set up its first plant in India.

VIDEO- know what it means to be a 2 trillion dollar company

Pegatron is the world’s largest mobile contract manufacturing company. In June, the government made a $ 6.6 billion plan to woo the world’s top smartphone makers, offering financial incentives and in-use manufacturing clusters.

According to a Bloomberg report, Pegatron is now setting up the company in India and joining Taiwanese electronics assemblers Foxconn Technology Group and Foxconn Technology Group, which already has some iPhone handsets in South India. Are making With several factories in China, Pegatron is the second largest iPhone assembler and relies on Apple for more than half its business. Like other companies, it will set up plants in South India.


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