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And Trump administration will be lonely, Iran wants to ban again

US President Donald Trump (file photo)

US President Donald Trump said that the United States wants to impose all sanctions of the United Nations on Iran again.

Washington. America’s President Donald Trump has said that the United States will demand on Thursday the re-imposition of all UN sanctions on Iran. It is believed that this move is not only expected to fall alone by the Trump administration, but may also raise questions on the credibility of the United Nations. Sanctions on Iran softened after the 2015 nuclear deal, but President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the deal two years ago. Last week, America’s attempt to impose an indefinite ban on Iran’s arms failures. Now America wants to serve its interest through diplomatic means.

On Trump’s instructions, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo will fly to New York on Thursday, where he will notify the President of the Security Council that the US is adopting a ‘snap back’ approach to the Council resolution recognizing the nuclear deal. On Wednesday, Trump said, “The United States wants to re-impose all sanctions of the United Nations on Iran.” Trump said, ‘It’s a’ snap back ‘. ” In the ‘snap back’, the parties involved in the agreement can demand re-imposition of all sanctions previously imposed by the United Nations and this complex process cannot be stopped through veto.

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Russia opposes AmericaSignificantly, only one member voted in favor of the US in a vote on the proposal to ban Iran, Russia and China opposed it while 11 members were absent. China and Russia opposed the move of the US.


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