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American company gets big success – made new ointment, corona virus ends as soon as it is applied on nose

The new ointment kills the virus in 30 seconds.

The US company Advanced Penetration Technology LLC has a drug that kills the OTC ointment virus in 30 seconds during T3X treatment.

new Delhi. Advanced Penetration Technology LLC, a US pharma company, has claimed to make an ointment that kovid-19 virus dies in 30 seconds as soon as it is applied. According to the news of the news agency PTI, this ointment has been approved by the American drug regulator America’s Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). It can now be sold as “non-prescription over the counter” (OTC ointment). The company claims that this ointment is capable of preventing, treating and killing other viral infections, including the corono virus. This ointment has the ability to eliminate corona virus. Corona virus can be avoided by applying this ointment on the nose.

American drug regulator approvedApart from the US, London-based Lab Virology Research Services Ltd (VRSL) has tested the OTC ointment and found that it is very effective in eradicating the corona virus and Influenza A virus. This ointment was tested for two months, after which it has received approval from the USFDA.

New ointments will prevent corona infection According to a senior officer of Advanced Penetration Technology LLC, in most cases the corona virus enters the body through breath. By applying this OTC ointment in the nose, the corona virus can be prevented from entering the body.

Eliminates the virus in 30 seconds – The company said in its statement that the report from the laboratory proved that OTC ointment kills the virus in 30 seconds during T3X treatment. Dr. Brian Huber, founder of Advanced Penetration Technology Company, said that in this test After applying ointment, no infection causing virus was found. We hope that this will prove to be an important discovery that will reduce the possibility of the corona virus entering the nose.


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