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Joe Biden congratulated Ganesh Chaturthi on all Hindus, gave this message on Twitter …

Joe Biden (File Photo)

Joe Biden congratulated everyone celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival in the world. He gave his congratulatory message via Twitter.

Washington. America’s Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has congratulated everyone on Ganesh Chaturthi. He tweeted with his Twitter handle, writing, ‘My best wishes to the people celebrating the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi in America, India and all over the world. All your obstacles are overcome, you are blessed with knowledge and you will find the right path for a new beginning.

Earlier, Joe Biden on Friday officially accepted the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency and appealed to voters to come together to overcome the long-standing darkness in America. Presidential elections are to be held in America in November. On the last day of the four-day conference of the ‘Democratic National Convention’ (DNC), a video of the former Vice President of America was introduced, showing his life, his career, his father, a husband and his personality as a politician. Underlined He said that the beginning of the end of darkness in America has started from today.

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Biden said, ‘I accept the nomination for the President of America with great respect and humility. Even though I am a candidate of the Democratic Party, but I will be the President of the whole of America. For those who did not support me, I will work as hard as I do for those who support me. Biden has already declared Indian-origin Senator Kamala Harris as the party’s Vice Presidential candidate. Biden said, ‘I promise you here today, if you make me President, I will do the best for us, not bad. I will bring light, not darkness. Accepting the nomination Thursday night in Delaware, Biden said, “The time has come for all of us to come together.” Make no mistake… Together we can get out of the darkness dominated in America. We will choose hope over fear, fact over imagination, fairness over privilege.


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