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Donald Trump released VIDEO, PM Modi included to woo Indians

An attempt to woo Indian-Americans with Trump and Modi’s friendship (File Photo)

In order to woo Indian-Americans in the video, clips of Ahmedabad’s historical speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) and US President Donald Trump have also been included.

Washington. US President Donald Trump has released the first video aimed at wooing over 2 million Indian-Americans. In this video, a clip of the historic speech in Ahmedabad of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump has been included to woo Indians.

Video shows Modi-Trump holding hands

This video is of US President Donald’s visit to India in February. Trump visited Ahmedabad with his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner during the tour. During this tour, big officials of the Trump administration also came with him. In Ahmedabad, Trump addressed a huge rally.

Indian-Americans are getting huge supportWhile releasing this video, Trump Victory Finance Committee Chairman Kimberley Gilfoyle said that the US enjoys relations with India. We are getting huge support from Indian-Americans.

66 thousand people watched this video on Twitter
Donald Trump Jr., the son of the US President who is leading this campaign, is in very good contact with the Indian-Americans community. Trump Commercial retweeted this commercial video and within a few hours it is going viral on social media. This video was seen by 66 thousand people on Twitter in a few hours.

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The video is of 107 seconds and has been titled ‘Char Sal Aur’. In this video, Trump and Modi are shown walking with folded hands. It includes a view of Prime Minister Modi’s NRG Stadium in Houston.


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