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America will no longer do business with China – Donald Trump

Donald Trump said that he would end trade relations with China.

Donald Trump told Steve Hilton in an interview that we do not have to do business with China and then started talking about separation.

Washington. US President Donald Trump in a Fox News interview broadcast on Sunday discussed the possibilities of separating the US economy from China. Significantly, China is a major buyer of American goods. Trump initially told interviewer Steve Hilton that we do not have to do business with China and then started talking about separation.

China does not treat America properly: Trump

He said that if China does not treat America properly then they will definitely try to separate the US economy. Even before reaching a partial Phase-1 trade deal in January, Trump has waged a high-stakes trade war with China.

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Trump has closed the door for China, saying he is unhappy with Beijing’s measures to deal with the epidemic, before holding talks in Phase-2. In June, US Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin said that the result of the separation of American and Chinese economies would be that American companies would not be allowed to compete in the Chinese economy on a fair and level basis.

Tittock will sue Donald Trump

At the same time, China’s video app is preparing to take legal action against the ban imposed by US President Donald Trump on TikTok. According to Trump’s executive order, the TITTOCK app’s mother company ByteDance will be completely banned in the US by mid-September.

TikTok has 80 million active users in the US

The Washington official is concerned that the company sends the data of American Ticketcock customers to the Chinese government. ByteDans, however, flatly refuses to do so. This short video app has 80 million active users in the US.


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