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In Trump’s campaign, Nikki Haley said – I am the daughter of an Indian, I am proud of it

Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley with Donald Trump

Former US Ambassador to the Republican Convention Nikki Haley said that she is the daughter of Indian Migrated Child and she is proud of it.

Washington. Former US Ambassador to the Republican Convention Nikki Haley said that she is the daughter of Indian Migrated Child and she is proud of it. He also said that America is not a racist country. At the Republican convention on Monday, President Trump and his political allies launched ideological attacks on Presidential candidate Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Nikki Haley was the only Indian-American in the list of speakers at this session.

‘My father used to wear a turban and mother a sari when he came to America’

Nikki Haley, while naming President Trump for her second term in the session, furthering her Indian identity, said her parents faced discrimination and hardship but never complained or hated anyone. When he came to America, my father wore a turban and my mother wore a sari. Haley said that her mother built a successful business in the US and her father taught 30 years at Black College. The people of South Carolina elected me as their first minority and first female governor.

Nikki’s name was Nimrata Nikki RandhawaHaley, whose childhood name was Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. She has been the first and only Indian American woman governor of any state in the US state so far. Nikki served as a US ambassador to the United Nations, a federal cabinet rank position. It is likely that Nikki will one day contest the election for the presidency as well.

Trump can appoint Nikki for the vice presidential post

There is also speculation that Trump may also name Mikey Haley in place of Mike Pence as his vice presidential candidate. Haley is not currently in the race but Nikki is very likely to become the Republican candidate in response to Indian vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Democratic Party made Kamala Harris a candidate

Kamala Harris is the daughter of an Indian mother and her father from Jamaica. Harris’ nomination as Vice President has made headlines around the world. She is the first Indian-American and black woman to contest on presidential ticket so far. Both Haley and Harris are important names for their party’s emerging strategies in the upcoming elections. The Indian-American community with 1.2 million voters has emerged as an important vote bank for both parties.

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Al Mason, who leads the Trump campaign in the Indian-American community, said that Nikki Haley is a very powerful voice that appeals to people a lot. Al Mason also said that Indian Americans love him a lot because of Nikki’s Indian heritage. They can have a significant impact on Indian-Americans in this election battle. Nikki is also close to the Trump family. She is particularly close to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.


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