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More than 10,000 ISIS terrorists active in Syria-Iraq, more attacks than ever

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Vladimir Voronkov, counter-terrorism chief of the United Nations, said that more than 10,000 terrorists of the terrorist organization ISIS are active in Iraq and Syria. They all want to use the Afghan territory to spread their influence over the entire region.

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  • Last Updated:August 25, 2020, 10:22 PM IST

New York. The United Nations counter-terrorism chief said that even after two years of defeating the terrorist group ISIS, more than 10,000 of its terrorists are still active in Iraq and Syria and their attacks have increased this year. . Vladimir Voronkov told the UN Security Council that Islamic State militants “easily move between the two countries in small branches.” He said that the militant group has reunited and its activities have increased in some regional places besides the struggling areas like Iraq and Syria. Voronkov said, “However, it appears that the danger has decreased in non-conflict areas.

He said, “Steps like lockdown and movement restrictions to deal with Kovid-19 have reduced the risk of attacks by terrorist groups in many countries.” Talking about Africa, he said that the Islamic State in the province of West Africa “remains a major center of ISIL’s global propaganda and has around 3500 members here. Refer to three ISIL-inspired attacks in France and two attacks in Britain” Giving, he said that the main danger in Europe has increased with the “Internet-driven, radicalizing domestic terrorists”.

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‘Want to spread its influence across the region’

Regarding Afghanistan, Voronkov said that ISIL’s allies have carried out several increased attacks in different parts of the country, including Kabul, and they want to use Afghan territory “to spread their influence across the region”. They also want to attract those who oppose the recent peace deal between the Americans and the Taliban. Voronkov also reiterated the call of UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutaras, in which he has called on all countries to implement international law and bring back all the children, women and men trapped in the place.


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