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Shock Trump! Doctor apologizes for ‘exaggerating’ plasma therapy

Donald Trump (file photo)

Stephen Hahn Apologizes: America’s top FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn has apologized for exaggerating the benefits of blood plasma therapy. They have admitted that the fact that 35% of patients recover from this is not true.

Washington. US President Donald Trump on Monday allowed blood plasma therapy to be used to treat coronavirus patients and described it as very successful. However, now the doctor who advised Trump to use it and the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn have apologized for calling the therapy ‘exaggerated’.

Ever since the therapy was approved, America’s top Corona expert doctor Anthony Fauchi and the World Health Organization (WHO) raised serious questions over its usefulness. Stephen Hahn came under attack after his agency approved plasma therapy for corona virus patients in an emergency. During the press conference, while shaking Trump’s yes, Han had said that this treatment is going to save lives. However, scientists started questioning Hain’s reported data. It was said that it can reduce the death rate by 35%. This claim has been made on the basis of an early results of Mayo Clinic.

Han accepted the mistake
Hain has told CBS News that he ‘could have done a better job’ to tell what the figures say. He said on this decision that the decision to give this treatment in an emergency has been made by the scientists of the FDA, which is ‘based on science and statistics’. Hahn has faced criticism for doing politics. He is accused of supporting the Trump administration. The Trump administration is speeding up the treatment of Kovid-19 in view of the presidential election to be held on November 3. The day before the announcement of plasma therapy, President Trump accused the FDA of obstructing vaccine work and treatment methods for political reasons.Hain asked to correct the record

Hahn supported Trump, saying that if treated using plasma, 35 out of 100 people would survive the corona virus. The 35 percent figure was criticized by other scientists and some former FDA officials, who asked Hawn to correct the record. Hain said, ‘I was criticized for the comment I made on the benefit of plasma on Sunday night. Criticism is completely justified. It would have been better if I had said that the data shows that there is a reduction in risk, the risk is not completely reduced. ‘ He has also clarified that it will be monitored right now and this authorization will be withdrawn if needed. The FDA made this decision based on data collected at Mayo clinics from hospitals across the country that are using plasma to treat patients.


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