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Trump pledged citizenship pledge to five, including Sudha of India, tied bridges of ways

Donald Trump administered the citizenship oath to the people of five countries.

In the White House, Donald Trump today granted citizenship of America to the people of five different countries. Sudha Sundari Narayanan of India was also included in these.

Washington. US President Donald Trump is trying his best to win the election. In this sequence, he gave citizenship of America to the people of five different countries in the White House today. Sudha Sundari Narayanan of India was also included in this. Donald Trump said in his statement at this rare event that America is a ‘fantastic country’. He said that people of every race, religion and color live here. Trump said that America is happy to welcome five very wonderful new members to our great American family. You are fellow citizens of the greatest nation of this earth.

People of these countries were sworn in citizenship

Donald Trump hosted this rare event and the video of the event was played to the public on the second night of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. The countries whose people were sworn in as citizenship include India, Bolivia, Lebanon, Sudan and Ghana. These five people lined up and stood in the White House. They all raised their right hand and held the national flag of America in their left hand. On this occasion, the pledge of citizenship was administered by the Acting Minister of Home Security, Chad Wolf.

Sudha is a software developerSudha Sundar Narayanan of India was also sworn in as a citizen of America on this occasion. Sudha is a software developer. She was wearing a pink colored sari on this occasion.

US citizenship is the world’s prized possession: Trump

On this occasion, Donald Trump said that the new American citizens who took the oath followed the rules, followed the law, learned the history of the country, adopted American values ​​and proved themselves to be women and men of the highest integrity. He said that it is not easy. You have gone through a lot and we appreciate that you are here with us today. You have acquired the world’s most prized possession. This is called American citizenship. There is no greater honor or privilege. He also said that it is an honor for these people to become president.

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Trump praised Sudha and said that Sudha was born in India and had come to America about 13 years ago. He is a talented genius software developer. She and her husband are raising two beautiful, wonderful children. Thank you very much and congratulations. Great work. Trump was given his citizenship certificate by Sudha.


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