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‘This time will lose the trump’ – a claim of a man who has been making all the accurate predictions for 36 years

‘Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming election.’ No, we are not saying this, but this prediction has been made by the person who has been predicting since 1984 about the victory in the US President Election 2020. Yes, this is Allan Lichtman. Alan is an author and also a history professor at an American university. Allen, who last predicted Trump’s victory, has predicted his defeat this time.

Talking with an American TV channel CTV said that this time he is predicting the opposite from 2016 as seven points are against the trump and he is on the losing side with one point. Who will win the US election, who will not? Allen uses the method of ’13 points’ to make this prediction. Along with Alan’s unique technique, know more about Alan.

What is Alan’s ’13 points’ method?
The technique by which Allen analyzes the presidential candidate and based on that prediction, that method is, in fact, based on ‘right and wrong’ questions and answers. If the candidate who is posted, if he is able to answer a question in ‘right’, then he gets one point and with one ‘wrong’ answer, his opponent gets one point.

Author and Professor Alan Lichtmann.

About this model, 73-year-old Alan says that this is his own model. Based on this model of measuring the strength and performance of the candidate of the party who is in the White House, they get a nuanced understanding and analysis. Alan has also written about his scale, such as ‘The Keys to the White House’.

Trump’s impeachment also predicted!
Allen was the only prophet who predicted that he would win the US presidential election trump in the year 2016 and that is why he remained highly discussed. Not only this, in the year 2017, Allen wrote a book, titled ‘The Case for Impeachment’. In this book, Allen discussed how many reasons could be behind the impeachment of Trump. This book received very good reviews.

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This book and Allen came into discussion again when impeachment proceedings against Trump in 2019 went on. Allen’s prediction was once again proving true.

Allen was also active in activism
Along with being an educationist and writer, Alan not only expressed his opinion on social, legal and political issues, but also worked with government departments for some issues. For example, while giving his report in a civil rights inquiry into the irregularities in Florida in the 2000 election, he said that “many racial disparities were seen behind the ballot papers being rejected”.

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Alan has lost an election
Allen, who has been presenting the correct analysis for the last 35 years about the US presidential elections, has once lost the elections on a small scale. Allen contested from Maryland for the US Senate in 2006, but a controversy arose over not being invited to a TV channel debate. Allen and his wife were also arrested for demonstrating, but were later acquitted of the charges.

Overall, the result of this entire controversy was that Allen not only lost the election but was also the number six candidate based on the number of votes. In 2012, a report said that Allen was paying back the loan he had taken for his election campaign six years ago.

Significantly, this time, despite Trump’s aggressive campaigning, Joe Biden’s claim is being considered very strong. In such a situation, the claims of Alan, the author of such famous books as’ Prejudice and the Old Politics’ and Repeal the Second Amendment: The Case for a Safer America ‘, are on track.


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