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China wants to capture Taiwan? 19 fighter jets sent for the second consecutive day

The Chinese Air Force once again entered the Taiwan border. (File photo)

China (China) is constantly seen attacking Taiwan. On the third day, China once again sent its fighter planes to Taiwan’s airspace. On the other hand, the Chinese media is also constantly attacking aggressively against Taiwan.

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  • Last Updated:September 20, 2020, 12:43 PM IST

Beijing China is constantly trying to occupy the land of its neighbors. The Indo-China tension in Ladakh is at its peak. On the other hand, China is not tolerating the growing proximity of the United States to Taiwan. In such a situation, if we believe in China’s official newspaper, China has made up its mind to take military action on Taiwan. For the third consecutive day on Saturday, China sent 19 fighter jets to Taiwan airspace. This Chinese intruder fleet consisted of 12 J-16 fighter jets, 2 J-10 fighter jets, 2 J-11 fighter jets, 2 H-6 nuclear bombers and one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft.

At the time of this provocative action by China, US Deputy Foreign Minister Keith Krach was paying tribute to former President Li Teng Hui, who transformed the democratic system in Taiwan. Earlier on Friday, China had infiltrated the Taiwan border with 18 fighter jets. China and Taiwan’s relations have been steadily deteriorating since Taiwan’s proximity to the United States. On the other hand, the Chinese media is also constantly taking an aggressive stand against Taiwan.

Chinese media threatens Taiwan

The Global Times wrote that PLA maneuvers are a quick process. Taiwan should be afraid of this. This maneuver is a drill to occupy Taiwan. The newspaper claimed that the US had not officially announced Deputy Foreign Minister Crutch’s visit to Taiwan. However, when he reached Taiwan, he was welcomed by the PLA through maneuvers. So this exercise was a last-minute decision. A large-scale action can be organized in such a short time.China is practicing war in the Gulf of Taiwan

In view of the increasing tension from Taiwan, a large number of Chinese soldiers, bomber aircraft, modern warships under the leadership of PLA Eastern Theater Command are conducting war exercises in the Gulf near Taiwan. Live fire exercises are being done in this war exercise. On the other hand, Chinese media has claimed that the PLA has the capability to take military action on Taiwan in a very short time. Let me tell you, China wants to join Taiwan in its country at all costs. For this, he is ready to go to any extent. On the other hand, the US has openly announced to support Taiwan. This is likely to increase the dispute in South China Sea.


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