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Attempt to kill Donald Trump, poison parcel sent to President

Poison parcel sent to Donald Trump.

In this case, information is also coming out that a suspected parcel containing poison was sent from Canada to Donald Trump.

  • News18
  • Last Updated:September 20, 2020, 10:14 AM IST

new Delhi. The conspiracy to kill the current President Donald Trump has been exposed before the US presidential election. According to White House officials, an attempt has been made to send a parcel to President Trump. A poison named Risin was placed in the packet of this parcel. But this was caught during the investigation, showing caution.

According to a media report, this parcel sent to Donald Trump has been caught by law enforcement officials. He has foiled a conspiracy to poison Trump. According to the information, the suspect parcel was tested after two. In it, the packet of that parcel confirmed the poison named Risin. This incident has stirred up before the US elections.

According to US officials, when any goods reach the White House, they are examined several times before reaching the President. These also include letters and parcels. In such a situation, whatever is suspected, separate investigation is done.

At the same time, information is also coming out in this case that a suspected parcel containing poison was sent to Donald Trump from Canada. A thorough investigation is being done into the matter. Let us know that risin is very deadly poison. It is also used in terrorist attacks. If this poison is released in the body, then the person is more likely to die.


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