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It is difficult to reduce the risk of corona virus with a valve facemask: research

Face mask (symbolic photo)

Researchers found that the facemask containing valves may inhibit attempts to eliminate Covid-19. They found that the widespread use of these alternatives to regular masks in public probably has a bad effect on efforts to end the epidemic.

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  • Last Updated:September 2, 2020, 9:45 PM IST

Washington. A facemask with a face mask or a face shield (Faceshield) is probably not as effective as a regular mask in preventing micro-particles coming out of the mouth while sneezing or coughing or talking. In this case, the researchers found that attempts to eliminate Kovid-19 from the facemask containing the valve can be interrupted.

Florida Atlantic University studied

Scientists at Florida Atlantic University in the US used a qualitative visualization of the display to inhibit the propagation of microscopic droplets with a face shield and valve mask. They found that the widespread use of these alternatives to regular masks in public probably has a bad effect on efforts to end the epidemic.

Studied using laser light layerFor the study published in the journal Physics of Fluids, the researchers combined flow visualization using a laser light layer in a laboratory and used a mixture of distilled (distilled) water and glycerin as artificial cuff velocities. He took out a mannequin with the speed of sneezing tiny drops. Researchers, including assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University and lead author of the study, Siddharth Verma, at the University of Florida Atlantic using a plastic face shield and an N-95 face mask to find out how these droplets perform and how they perform.

Shield drops out of the mouth easily.

Researchers said that the study results showed that the initial advance flow of droplets coming out of the face from the face shield was interrupted, but the droplets easily ejected from the shield and spread over a wide range. He said that upon seeing the results of the valve facemask, it is found that a large number of droplets are released out of the valve seamlessly which significantly reduces their impact strength as a measure of control.

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Professor and co-author of the study Manhar Dhanak said, “With this new study we were able to find out that Face Shield is successful in stopping the initial flow of micro droplets coming with sneeze or cough but the air The droplets floating in it go out and move smoothly beyond the shield. ” Dhanak said, “After this, these drops can propagate in a wider area along with the decrease in density.”


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