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Donald Trump said- India has a great leader like Modi, Indian-Americans will vote for me only

Donald Trump said – Indian-Americans will vote for me

Donald Trump, praising the Indian people during an election address, said that the people here are great and have chosen a brilliant leader (PM Narendra Modi).

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  • Last Updated:September 5, 2020, 8:21 AM IST

Washington. US presidential elections are to be held on November 3 in the US. Both the political parties there are leaving no stone unturned to woo Indian-Americans. On behalf of the Republican Party, Presidential candidate and current President Donald Trump was seen praising Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) for attracting Indian voters. On the other hand, Joe Biden, the presidential leader of the Democrats party, also congratulates the Jains on the day of the Jains to woo the Americans of Indian origin. One such effort once again appeared in Donald Trump’s election meeting. He praised the people of India during an election address, saying that the people here are great and they have chosen a brilliant leader. He said that he has the support of Indian people and brilliant leaders like PM Narendra Modi.

Indian-Americans will vote for me: Trump

Trump praised PM Modi and said that PM Modi is one of our best friends and he is doing a very excellent job. Trump further said that he feels that most Indian-Americans will vote for him.

‘China’s virus has caused havoc in 188 countries’Trump also attacks China to lure Indian-Americans. They often talk of supporting the India, marking China’s increasing interference in the Indian Pacific. During this time he again attacked China’s aggressive attitude. He said that China should be discussed more than Russia at this time, because the work he is doing is far worse. He said that a virus caused by China has caused havoc in 188 countries around the world.

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He further said that there is a very bad situation now and we are always ready to help China and India for this. He said that we will talk to both the countries on these issues. He said that the whole world is understanding about the cleverness of China. Significantly, India and America have also imposed many restrictions in the past. Due to these restrictions, China’s anger is increasing constantly towards America and India. Due to this anger, China keeps on provoking Pakistan and sometimes Nepal.


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