Trump Claimed That The Novel Corona Virus Originated From The Virology Lab In Wuhan, China

Trump Claimed That The Novel Corona Virus Originated From The Virology Lab In Wuhan, China

US President Donald Trump on Thursday claimed that the novel coronavirus that has killed more than 230,000 people globally and shattered economies, originated from the virology lab in Wuhan, China.

Trump was interacting with reporters in the East Room of the White House. During that time he has been asked whether he is sure or there is any evidence that the virus spread all over the world originated from Wuhan Institute of Virology. Trump then confidently said, “Yes, I have, yes, I have.” However, the President refused to provide any information or evidence on it. Said investigation is going on and it will be concluded soon.

Asked what they found that they are confidently claiming that the virus originated from Wuhan Institute of Virology? He said, ‘I cannot tell you this. I am not allowed to tell you this. ‘

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However, the President did not blame Chinese President Xi Chinfing for this. Said ‘I don’t want to say that, I don’t want to say that, but definitely stopped speaking. Then said that it came out of China and it could have been stopped and I wish they had stopped it and that is how the whole world wishes it would have been stopped by them. Reiterating that this was something that could only stop until Wuhan. He said that China can join it. He said that either China could not stop it or it would not stop

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Giving the example of Italy, the most affected European country, he said that China did not take any kind of step to stop the virus. He said China should have stopped all aircraft and all traffic, but it did not prevent aircraft and traffic from entering the United States and throughout Europe. He said that America is very lucky and I am very lucky that I banned China, as you know, very soon. In January, we banned China and those were very early days. He said that then we later banned Europe as well.

Trump said all measures were taken, strict decisions were also taken, but perhaps the coronavirus could not stop them from spreading. Trump said that we will have a lot to answer to China in the future and a lot will be decided from this. Asked if President Xi misled him, Trump said, “Something has happened, but I don’t call it misleading or correct.” Hope to reply very soon. ‘ He said that the whole world has suffered as a result of this.