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Big revelation of American newspaper, 60 Chinese soldiers were killed in Galvan clash

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US newspaper Newsweek has made a big disclosure, saying that in the clash between India and China on June 15, 60 Chinese soldiers died, rather than 40-45.

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  • Last Updated:September 14, 2020, 7:23 PM IST

Beijing Relations between India and China are not good these days. The reason is a clash over the border dispute. Now the American newspaper Newsweek has made a big disclosure about the clash in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. According to the report, in the clash with Indian soldiers on June 15, not 60-45 but 60 Chinese soldiers died. This report also said that the violence took place at the behest of Chinese President Xi Jinping in Galvan. In which the Chinese army completely failed.

It has been warned in the report that China is more angry with its failures. In such a situation, it can have far-reaching consequences. Buoyed by this defeat, President Jinping can throw out the opponents in his army and make his loyalists sit in large positions. Jinping is also excited to take big steps against India with this defeat. In such a situation, the tension on the border may increase in the coming days.

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Why the border dispute happened

This report said that since Xi Jinping became general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in November 2012, Chinese troops have increased aggression along the border with India. Jinping is also the president and party general secretary of the Central Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party. There is no demarcation of border in India and China, Chinese soldiers take advantage of this for infiltration. Quoting Clio Pascal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Newsweek wrote that Russia had told India about China’s antics in May itself. According to Russia, China was already conducting exercises in the area of ​​Tibet. For this reason, India was shocked when there was a clash in Galvan on 15 June. It was the first encounter in 45 years between the two countries with the largest population in the world.


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