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Noam Chomsky warns – Corona is nothing, these two big crises are going to come

Two more big threats are coming from Corona: Chomsky

Noam Chomsky on Coronavirus: American linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky has said that the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) has exposed the mutual brotherhood and organization in countries around the world. He said that corona is a small threat, in the coming days, dangers like nuclear war and global warming are also exposed.

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  • Last Updated:September 15, 2020, 12:14 PM IST

Washington. American linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky has claimed that the corona infection (Covid-19) is an epidemic, but it is much smaller than the two crises that are to come. Speaking to DIEM-25 TV, Chomsky said that the corono virus is very serious, but nuclear war and global warming are the two crises that can lead to destruction of human civilization. He said that the kind of political and economic condition, both these crises are not looking away now.

In a conversation with Sreko Horwat for DIEM-25 TV, 91-year-old Noam Chomsky said that it is most shocking that the Corona virus has come during Trump’s government and hence now it seems an even greater threat. He said that the corona virus is terrible and it can have terrible consequences, but we will overcome it. But it would be impossible to overcome the other two dangers. Everything will be destroyed by them. Increasing unlimited power with America will be the reason for the coming destruction.

America and other rich countries did not take responsibility
In this interview in Down to Earth magazine, Chomsky says that the biggest irony is that Cuba is helping Europe. But on the other hand, Germany is not ready to help Greece. Corona virus crisis can make people think about what kind of world we want. It was known for a long time that the SARS epidemic could emerge as the corona virus with some changes. Wealthy countries could work as a vaccine for the potential corona virus, but they did not. The big pharmaceutical companies did not allow to work on it and now that it has come, its medicine and vaccine business will be arbitrary. When the threat of corona was at stake, it seemed more profitable for big drug companies to make new body creams. The risk of polio was eradicated by the vaccine created by a government institution, but it had no patent and the big pharmaceutical companies did not allow it to happen in the profit. He said that on December 31, China informed the World Health Organization about pneumonia and a week later Chinese scientists identified it as corona virus. Then its information was given to the world. Countries in this region, such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, started doing some work and it seems that the crisis has stopped growing.

Germany also thought of itself

Chomsky alleged that Germany had a reliable hospital system but only used it for her own benefit. The worst attitude was of America and Britain, who did not extend a helping hand towards any country. He said that this is an important moment in human history. Not only because of the corona virus, which is bringing awareness about the imperfections of the world, but also the deep errors of the entire socio-economic system, we are getting to know at this time. If we want a future worth living, then the present situation has to be changed. The corona crisis can be a warning sign and today there can be a lesson in dealing with it or preventing its explosion.

We also have to think about its roots, which can take us further and worse. Today more than 2 billion people are quarantined. A form of social isolation has existed for years and is very harmful. Today we are in a state of real social isolation. Either way, it will have to come out of it again through the construction of social bonds, which can help the needy. For this, contacting them, development of organization, detailed analysis will have to be done. Before making those people active and active, making plans for the future, bringing people together in the Internet age, joining with them, consulting, brainstorming to find answers to the problems they face , And it is necessary to work on them.


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