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Corona vaccine will be given free to people in America, India will get Sputnik-5

People will get corona virus vaccine for free in America

Free Coronvirus vaccine in US: Donald Trump has told the US Congress that he is going to provide the Coronavirus Vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine) to citizens for free. According to the government, information has also been given to the states about this.

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  • Last Updated:September 17, 2020, 7:21 AM IST

Washington. In an important decision, the Trump government (Donald Trump) told the US Parliament on Wednesday that the people will be provided with free COVid-19 Vaccine. The government submitted a related report to the Congress on Wednesday and said that there is no question of taking money from ordinary citizens for the vaccine. The government has said that all the states have also been told about it through a booklet. On the other hand, a discovery has emerged that the Corona cases in the US started appearing in December 2019 itself.

According to this booklet, the health agencies and the Defense Department have prepared a plan for the vaccine campaign. For this, the campaign can be started by January next year or by the end of this year. The Pentagon will do the distribution of the vaccine, but it will be done by civil health workers. On the other hand, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the effect of coronavirus in the US started in January 2020. However a new research has rejected this claim.

According to UCLA, Coronavirus reached the US not in January 2020, but only in December 2019. This research has been released on the Journal of Medical Internet. The research team found that before December 22, the number of patients in many hospitals and clinics in America had suddenly increased. Most of the patients had problems with breathing and body pain. The first case in America was revealed in mid-January. This person had returned from Wuhan, China.

India will get Russia’s Sputnik V vaccineLet us know that Russia will sell 100 million Sputnik V vaccine to the Indian pharma company Dr. Reddy. For this, Dr. Reddy Laboratories has entered into an agreement with the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund gave this information on Wednesday. Trial is currently going on for this vaccine. It has been prepared by Gamelaya Research Institute. Its delivery will start after the trial ends and after its registration in India.


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