New Zealand mosque attack: killer of 51 people sentenced to life imprisonment

New Zealand mosque attack

The court sentenced Brenton Tarrant, accused of firing outside two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. At the same time, the court while sentencing said that parole will not be given to the accused during imprisonment.

The court considered the Australian citizen Tarant accused of killing 51 people. During the hearing, Tarrant sat motionless and listened to the statements of witnesses against him. A total of 91 people were witnesses to this attack and made a very touching statement in the court about losing their special people. He told how due to this person his loved ones had to be separated before his eyes.

During the hearing on Thursday, the Crown Solicitor demanded life imprisonment for the accused and parole during this period. At the same time, Judge Cameron Mander agreed to lock the accused in jail and throw away his key.

However, after the hearing, the judge came to the conclusion that the accused would be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Judge Mandar, while sentencing the accused, said, “It is painful to think backward about every murder, although you are not a murderer but a terrorist.” The action you have done is inhuman. You also killed a three-year-old innocent who was stuck with his father’s legs. ‘

Judge Mander paid a verbal tribute to those who lost their lives and injured in this attack. He said the court’s focus should be on accountability, condemnation, and protection of the community.

What was the matter?
On 15 March 2019, 28-year-old Brenton opened indiscriminate fire on people during prayers at Al-Noor and Linwood Mosques. Brenton killed 51 people in this attack last year. These included 8 Indians. However, he was arrested by the police 21 minutes after the attack.

Doshi Tarant had also released a live video of the massacre on Facebook, which went viral and was also seen on another social media platform. The attack was so horrific that it shook the entire Muslim community of the country, after which the international community and locals showed solidarity with the affected.

It was only then that Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern spoke of a change in the gun law. More than 50 people were also injured during the attack. In this, the players of the Bangladesh cricket team also narrowly survived.