Unlike his own advice, Pompeo addressed the RNC, said – bring Trump back to power

Pompeo addressed the RNC

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, contrary to the advice given to others and breaking the old tradition of current ministers to avoid an election campaign, told Americans that if they wanted to protect the country and retain their independence, they would be president. Bring Donald Trump back to power.

Pompeo’s speech on the second day of the ‘Republican National Convention’ (RNC) triggered a political debate. The opposition party, particularly the opposition party, opposed it and said that the foreign minister should not make a statement in favor of anyone.

Pompeo said in a message to US diplomatic missions last month that he should not favor anyone in the presidential election campaign under federal law, and has now violated his own advice by addressing the conference.

Pompeo said in his address by the RNC that “the primary constitutional function of the national government is to ensure the safety of you and my family, the freedom to live, to work, to religious freedom.” President Trump has taken tough steps in almost every corner of the world to keep us free and safe. ”

Pompeo said that America is safer, more independent, because of President Donald Trump’s earlier approach to America. This may not make them popular in every country.

The foreign minister said that “in China, he exposed the aggression of the Chinese Communist Party.” The president blamed China for hiding the Chinese virus and causing it to kill people and economic destruction in the US and around the world. He will not sit silent until justice is done. ”

The US has been consistently blaming China for spreading the Corona virus infection. The first case of this deadly virus was reported in Wuhan city of China. More than 5 million cases of corona virus have been reported in the United States so far and more than 1,70,000 people have died in the country. The RNC is also being conducted online due to the corona virus. Pompeo’s speech was already recorded, which aired on Tuesday.