Black George Floyd’s death case: The entire Minneapolis Police Department will be transferred

Black George Floyd's death case: The entire Minneapolis Police Department will be transferred

Last month, there have been tremendous demonstrations in the city of Minneapolis, USA after the death of African-American man George Floyd due to police brutality. Now this performance has had a big impact. After demonstrations against apartheid in the American police system, it has been decided that the old system of the Minneapolis Police Department will be demolished and re-established, and new changes will be made. That is, according to the demands of the people and keeping in mind the safety and help of the people, new rules and laws will be made.

City councilors, ie, city councilors of Minneapolis, have said that they will completely remove the system that is running in the city’s police department. Councilor Lisa Bender told CNN, ‘We are committed to making changes to the policing system. Together with our community, we want to create such a system for public safety in which people get real security and they feel safe. Bender also said that it is his endeavor that the funding given to the police system be used for the betterment of the community. Councilor Alondra Kano said in a tweet that ‘this decision has been taken in the majority. It has been agreed that there is no scope for improvement in the police department and we are going to end the existing system.

Let me tell you that on 25 May, when he was arrested in Minneapolis, he died after being pressurized by a policeman by kneeling on Floyd’s throat. A video of this incident was also revealed. Charges have been framed on this policeman after the autopsy report called it a murder.

Since this incident, tremendous performances have been taking place all over America. There have been clashes between protesters and police in many places. There have also been incidents of looting, arson and riots.