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Donald Trump is the most flawed person among all the people I have met in life: John Kelly

US President Donald photo: AP

US ELECTION 2020: Chief of Staff at the White House and retired Navy General John Kelly asked his friends for President Donald Trump that ‘this is a flawed person’ .

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  • Last Updated:October 17, 2020, 9:46 AM IST

Washington. In the US, the Chief of Staff at the White House and retired Navy General John Kelly told his friends to President Donald Trump that ‘this is a flawed person’ and that Known for this. John Kelly said that the level of Trump dishonesty surprises me. The nature of every relationship is dishonest in transactions, but the level of trumps is more pathetic than anything. He said that among all the people I have met till date, Trump is the most flawed person.

‘Trump is not eligible for the presidency’

CNN showed a special program on Sunday night. The program was attended by National Security Advisor John Bolton, former Health and Public Services Scientist Rick Bright, and former Internal Security Department lawyer John Mitnick. All of them tried to explain why President Donald Trump is not an appropriate or qualified person for this post. Kelly’s feelings about the nature and dishonesty of the president’s transactions have been shared by other former members of the Trump administration.

‘Trump had discovered coronavirus, but he was busy in the election’Former top adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troy, has said that the president had come to know about the impact of the coronavirus epidemic in the US by mid-February, but “he did not want to hear it, because his biggest concern was the election.” ” At the same time, former DHS and Chief of Staff Miles Taylor, now employed as CNN’s cotributor, described Trump as essentially an individualist within the federal government and said he disagreed with Trump’s “deep position”.

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In America, mother sells her own milk, said – this costs my family

Another former DHS official, Elizabeth Newman, criticized Trump for not denouncing the domination of whites after the first debate in September.


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