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In America, mother sells her own milk, said – this costs my family

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In Florida, a woman in the United States earned millions by selling her mother’s milk for millions of rupees. The 32-year-old woman gave her online commercials to sell milk

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  • Last Updated:October 17, 2020, 7:25 AM IST

Florida Tales of the mother’s love are sung in the world. It is a matter of importance of mother’s milk. But all this has now been sold. Yes! For the last few decades, the womb of rent started selling. Now mother’s milk also started selling. In fact, in Florida, America, a woman earned millions by selling her milk (Mother Breast Feeding) for millions of rupees. The 32-year-old woman gave her commercials online to sell her milk. This woman named Julie Dennis gave birth to a child in August last year through a surogacy. For the child, he had already earned lakhs of rupees from a couple, but after that he started selling his milk. He earned millions of rupees from this work for several months. Actually, even after six months of giving birth to a baby, there was no need for feeding, even then they were getting milk. In such a situation, he got the idea that his milk would be useful to a child and in return he would also get money.

Denise charges 90 cents per ounce

Denise is a teacher in an elementary school. She charges her milk as 90 cents per ounce. In general, their milk is useful to the surrogate child because after bringing the children into the world through surrogacy, there is a problem of feeding for the mothers. They do not know milk. Dennis says that it is like a job, but he said that there have been reactions from many people to earn money in this way. Dennis, who has given birth to two children through surrogacy, has said that he has a good uterus and completely good milk.

People also demanded a discount on my milkHowever, the woman has said that it is not like earning money completely. But yes, I am sure this is enough for me and my family. Dennis said that while taking milk many people had also demanded a discount on this, because they think this milk is free for me, so why is it being charged?

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He said that I stay away from family for hours for pumping, because it takes a lot of time to prepare milk also. The process of cleaning, bagging and sterilizing is also extremely time consuming. Dennis says that she pumps 15,000 ounces of milk per month, stores it in her freezer and sends it across the country in an ice box filled with ice packs.


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