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What is New Shepard Rocket, which will make space travel less expensive than football uniform

After takingoff from Texas, USA, the rocket system successfully completed its seventh test, which will give space tour to the tourists. This rocket system has been created by Blue Origin, the space company of Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person. The purpose of this rocket system, named New Shepard, will be to take the space tourists to an altitude of about 100 km above the Earth and experience microgravity in the near future.

The relationship between NASA and the commercial space industry, the official body of space science, has been strengthened for some time. The result of this is that in 2019, NASA had allowed him to use his stand, while signing an agreement with Blue Origin.

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In the year 2018, Blue Origin, ready to try its hand in the business of space tourism, was among the 10 companies selected by NASA to conduct space research for missions related to the Moon and Mars. Now let’s go over what is this rocket system and how will it work?What is New Shepard?

The rocket system is named New Shepard after the first American astronaut Alan Shepard. This rocket system, which goes up to 100 kilometers from the Earth, also has the ability to carry the entire lab in space in a way. Till now it has been said that it is designed to carry astronauts.

This photo of the first American astronaut Alan Sheppard is courtesy of Twitter.

Although it will also do research in space, but the international boundary in space is within the scope of the scale line. The purpose of this whole project is to explore the possibilities of going to space easily and at a low cost so that more research can be done and more better technology can be developed according to the space.

How will the rocket system work?
There are two special parts capsules and boosters. The capsule is considered as a rocket to you cabin and booster. According to Blue Origin, up to 100 kg of space can be tested in the cabin. Students of educational institutions who are involved in space programs will also be able to take this rocket to space. The interesting claim is that it will cost less than the price of the new football uniform.

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In a 60 feet long rocket, the cabin is built on the top and according to six people. The special thing is also that before crossing the Carman line it can be separated from the cabin rocket. The vertical takeoff and landing system has been described as completely reusable.

The funny thing is that after separating from the booster, the capsule can do its work freely in space. Here, the booster will return to Earth and land, then with the help of capsule parachute, it will automatically land.

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Why was the seventh test done?
In addition to how the landing sensor will work, the seventh launch was done on Tuesday, which was recorded as NS-13, to check the flight and orbit of the system. To help support future missions to Mars and the Moon, it was also the seventh launch to test accuracy for technology development research, with no astronauts.


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