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This person lives alone with an aircraft in a long desert desert, this is how life passes

Isolated Desert of several 100 miles, where not only humans (animals), animals and birds are also not mentioned. If a person is left at such a place, it will not be less than a terrible torture like death for an ordinary person. But a person has chosen such a life happily as he wishes. This person is Evo Zadarsky. Those who have been following Social Distancing since the time it was not even included in the general conversation. He has been living alone since 2007 in an aeroplane hangar in a deserted area of ​​Utah. A hangar is the only building in which an aircraft can be parked.

According to a report by Business Insider, when asked why you are living in such a deserted desert, he says in his hoarse voice (it never happened to anyone not speaking to him), “I was in Czechoslovakia first Was, then lived in California. Later I moved here. ” In this way, they present their adventurous story, as if it were common. Whereas when they open after a brief conversation, he tells the story of how he managed to save the eyes of Russian spy agency KGB from Communist era Czechoslovakia with the help of a home-made hang glider (a kind of glider) built in 1984. Had fled to Austria. Where he was given political asylum. He had done this mission in such a secret way that even his mother himself was not aware of this.

Evo bought 400 acres to complete its project
Let us know that Czechoslovakia of 1984, which is now divided into two countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia, used to be a communist government ruled country. Evo wanted to run away from there. They wanted the freedom to build their own airplanes, start a business and do it, which made them happy.Also read: Before Tanishq, there has been heavy controversy about these 12 ads, see full list

After spending just 6 months in Austria, he was sent to California, USA. Where he also founded a propeller company in 1986. This company grew slowly and in 2007, they bought a vacant airport in Utah’s Lucene. He did this to work on many of his projects. This area was lying vacant since 1936. According to a local media report, Evo spent 99 thousand dollars to buy 400 acres here. However, by the time he bought it, the airport was nothing more than a runway. After purchasing this, he built a 100×50 feet aircraft hangar here, which he called Luisin International Airport. They live in this and in this their workshop, garage and home are all there.

Doesn’t get bored, says- I like loneliness
Evo says that he was always fond of abandoned places. Though he is completely alone at this place, the entire day of Evo is spent in his workshop, hiking, hiking in the surrounding areas, hunting, fishing and gliding etc. However, once a month, they take a 45-minute flight to Ogden so that the necessary food and drink can be brought. In between, they also fly over New Mexico and South Dakota.

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Although Evo’s life may seem very difficult to hear, but he believes that he has attained such freedom, which most people cannot even imagine. They can do anything, anytime, anywhere. When they are asked about their lonely life, they simply say, “I like it. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.”


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