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Children under 21 cannot buy alcohol, but can take guns, 8 bizarre facts of America

Apart from gun culture in America, there are many such strange things, which are impossible for the common people to embrace (Photo credit-AP)

Americans are proud of their country for being the ‘Oldest Democracy in the World’, but there are many shortcomings. Often the image of America being good and powerful is projected, that image is not impeccable.

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  • Last Updated:October 13, 2020, 3:02 PM IST

The heat of the American Election continues. Elections are yet to be held in many states, while voting has started in many. Elections will be completed in America by November 3 and counting of votes will begin on the same night. Along with this, it will also be known whether Republican candidate Donald Trump will get power again or will be replaced by Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Whatever the outcome, but it is a fact that even though Americans are proud of their country for being the ‘Oldest Democracy in the World’, there are also many shortcomings. Often the image of America being good and powerful is projected, that image is not impeccable.

Here we are telling you about the same imperfections of the American political system, law and society, some of which make any American’s head bowed in shame after hearing about it. These are the 6 things that no American would want to hear about his country-

In the US, a 16-year-old child can be given a license to drive. At the same time, a person must be over 21 years of age to buy alcohol. It is also often criticized by saying that the minimum age of a child is 14 years to buy certain types of guns and 16 years for driving, but more than 21 years for drinking alcohol.

As such, to become a gun owner in America, a person must be at least 18 years old. But in some states there is also a provision of 14 years of age for a gun like shotgun. To be an officer of a gun, the age of a person in different states should be between 14 and 21 years. The number of guns in America is more than humans. That is, if every person is given a gun, then there will be crores of guns left. The population of America is about 33 crores. But the number of guns in the country is around 400 million.

Due to this same gun culture of America, there are common incidents of shooting in children school. Every year fifty such incidents occur in the schools there. According to a study done in 2019, out of 44 such shooting incidents that were carried out by school children before that, 15 or more people died in schools.

America may be the oldest democracy in the world, but it can be said that America elections do not reflect the right mood of the people. The reason for this is the process called Electoral College, in which it is considered to have won, which wins more seats in different elections of more states. This was the reason Hillary Clinton lost even after getting 48.5% of the votes in the 2016 elections, while Donald Trump only got 46.4% of the votes.

One of the worst things in the US currency is that all dollar notes are almost the same size and color. In such a situation, to make their identification easy, there has been a demand to differentiate their color and make different denomination notes of different value.

America is a completely capitalist country. Everything here is from the perspective of the market. In such a situation, people eat a lot of packaged cheap junk food available in the market. Use of cheese in every food is common and people like to eat at their desk during work. Also, it is common to drink soft drinks everyday here. Obesity problem is a very common thing in America due to this kind of lifestyle. Here 4 out of every 10 people are obese.

In the US, there is also a scale called ‘Arctic’ in the setting of AC, which makes the temperature completely freezing. You will find such cold temperatures in many shops and showrooms, in such a situation you may have to wear a jacket and scarf even on a hot summer afternoon, which can be bad for health. Also, up to 70% ice is used in cold drinks many times here.

American television took reality shows to the next level. Not only this, in America, people watch TV a lot, due to which you will get TV installed in every restaurant. But as has been said that America is a capitalist society, in such a situation, every TV program gets more than 10 minutes of ads in half an hour. Most of these ads are related to reducing obesity.


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