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Slogans in Hindi like ‘Trump Hatao, America Bachao’ are seen in US Elections 2020

Washington. In America (US Election 2020), if you hear typical Indian slogans like ‘Trump Hatao, Save America’, ‘How should the leader of America, Joe Biden be like’, it is natural to be shocked. In order to woo the Indian-American community in the presidential elections to be held on November 3, Democratic Party supporters have started a similar campaign in 14 languages ​​including Hindi. An Indian-American couple based in Silicon Valley has launched a digital graphics campaign in Hindi, requesting community members to support Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris. has been done.

Slogans in 14 Indian languages

Biden’s supporters Ajay and Vinita Bhutoria said that the campaign titled ‘Trump Hatao America Bachao’ and ‘Biden, Harris Jitao, America Ahead’ was released in 14 Indian languages ​​on Monday. Earlier, Ajay had also released two Bollywood videos to bring people of Indian origin and South Asian community in support of Biden and Harris.

Slogans are being raised in support of BidenMusic video ‘Chale Chalo, Biden Ko Vote’ is running as a promotion on TV Asia and in addition Ajay is in 14 languages’ America’s Leader, Who Biden Like ‘and’ Wake America Wake Up, Biden-Harris They are also involved in the campaign with digital graphics of Vote Do ‘.

Indian American votes will decide win-loss: Bhutoria

Bhutoria said in a statement that the campaign is focused on the hard-fought states where every vote counts and the Indian-American community can play an important role in the election results. The hard-fought states include Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, as well as the three southern states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina and Arizona.
He said, “Indian American votes will decide win-loss and will make a win-win difference in the hard-fought states”.

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Trump won in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016 with a narrow margin.
Democratic supporters are campaigning in 14 languages ​​to reach out to the Indian American and South Asian communities this time, and every week thousands of phone calls are trying to get voters in their favor. He said, “We are committed to casting 1.3 million Indian American votes in favor of Biden.”


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