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Longest dragon caught in Florida, broke old record

Snake savers with snakes caught in Florida

American has succeeded in catching the largest dragon here in Florida. It was told that the length of the dragon caught is 18.9 feet.

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  • Last Updated:October 10, 2020, 2:44 PM IST

Florida In the US state of Florida, snake savers have succeeded in catching the largest dragon here. It was told that the length of the dragon caught is 18.9 feet. According to a report by CBC Miani News, the longest dragon was caught in Florida, which was 18.8 feet in length.

According to local media reports, snake saver Ryan Osburn and his partner Kevin Pavlidis caught a dragon last week. Both snake savers work in the Water Management, Fish and Wild Gene Conservation Commission in southern Florida. Kevin gave information on the capture of this dragon on Facebook. He wrote that he saw it in the water on Friday night and then pulled it out. According to Kevin, he had never seen such a big snake.

@feel_the_burm_ and I may have a record breaker! On Friday night we pulled this BEAST of a snake out of waist deep water … Posted by Kev Pav on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Wildlife commission confirmed
Kevin wrote that the two had never seen such a big snake or dragon. Holding it, our hands were moving and we had to call others for help. Along with this, the claims of Kevin and Ryan have been confirmed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Protection Commission. He told that this snake has set a new record. It is said that his team has captured 18.9 feet of the egg and the weight of the snake is 47 kg.

The commission said that the snake recovered is female. Tell these leaders are considered very aggressive. He wrote ‘Our Python Action Team and members of the South Florida Water Management District caught an 18-foot, 9-inch Burmese Python under the Python Elimination Program. This is a new record!


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