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During the corona test in America, the woman’s brain membrane was torn, doctors saved her life

During Corona’s swab test, a woman’s brain membrane ruptured. (Symbolic photo) photo: AP

A woman arrived at the Iowa Hospital (Iowa Hospital) in the US to conduct the Corona Test. The 40-year-old woman doing the test was killed. The Swab Test became a life-threatening threat.

Washington. A woman arrived at the Iowa Hospital in the US to conduct a corona test at the Lab. The 40-year-old woman undergoing the test (Woment Get Serious) was killed. The Swab Test became a threat to life. Actually what has happened is that during the test, a nerve in the woman’s brain got punctured. His condition became very bad. However, the doctors somehow saved him.

Corona’s havoc continues since last eight months

The havoc of the Corona epidemic has continued for the last seven-eight months. It has created havoc all over the world. No one situation has been created yet due to Corona virus medicine, due to which an atmosphere of fear is being seen among the people. Perhaps this is the reason why many people are running away from getting corona virus tested. Corona’s test victimization is also a reason for people running away. The corona test is of two types – the nasal swab test and the second is the throat swab. The procedure of nasal swab test is very painful. The said woman was being tested for a nasal swab.

The brain fluid started coming out from the woman’s noseDoctors told a medical journal on Thursday that during the nasal swab of Corona virus, the lining of his brain exploded and the brain fluid came out of his nose. Due to this, the life of the woman was destroyed. Due to the lining puncture, there was a danger of infection in the woman’s brain. The report said that the 40-year-old woman already had a problem about which she was not aware. There was also an error in the test, which led to such an accident.

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The doctor of the Iowa hospital went for a nasal test before the female elective hernia surgery. During the test, fluid was found coming out of the woman’s nose. After this, the woman started having problems like headache, vomiting, stiffness of throat, not appearing. The woman said that even before this a swab test was done, then there was no problem, perhaps the second swab was not done properly. The woman had been undergoing treatment for intercranial hypertension for years.


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