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Trump Declares America Will Soon Be Reopened

The Coronavirus may have devastated America, but President Donald Trump wants to normalize economic activity as soon as possible. He has even told the countrymen whether the vaccine should be made or not for the elimination of Corona, America is going to reopen soon. Speaking at the White House news conference held at the Rose Garden, the President urged citizens to return to normal life.

He said, “By this morning, almost every state has started taking steps for reopening and the countrymen are doing excellent work with constant care and they want life to be normalized as before. Return to the American way of living. “

Speaking further, President Trump said that I want to clarify one thing, which is very important. Whether or not the vaccine is made for the elimination of Corona, we are going to return to the previous system and this process will be started soon.

In a way, Donald Trump compared the corona to other viruses, saying, ‘In many cases there is no vaccine, the virus or the flu comes and you have to go on fighting it. We don’t know much, but I think they become immune, for a short time or a lifetime. But we want the corona vaccine to be made, and I hope we will be successful by the end of the year ‘.

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