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Macdonald’s former CEO used to share nude photos of staff with people, will sue

New York. McDonald’s stated that it was going to sue its former CEO Steve Easterbrook (Ex, CEO Steve Easterbrook). Steve was removed from the position for having an inappropriate relationship with an employee. McDonald’s accused Steve Easterbrook on Monday that he tried to hide his connections with three other employees and destroyed evidence related to them. The company now wants to withdraw millions of dollars in compensation to Easterbrook.

Send naked pictures of many employees to your email

McDonald’s even went on to say that the company had found evidence that Easterbrook used the company’s email account to transfer nude photos of employees. McDonald’s also claims that he sent naked pictures of several employees from his office email account to his personal mail ID. These evidences included dozens of nude, semi-nude, sexual photos of various women and several videos including photographs of several McDonald’s female employees that Easterbrook had attached to messages from his company’s email account to his personal e-mail account Were sent as

These photos were taken at the end of the year 2018In his complaint, McDonald’s stated that the date and time stamp on the photographs of the three employees of the company clearly shows that these photos were taken in late 2018 or early 2019. McDonald’s President and CEO Chris Kampuskinski, who has been promoted to CEO after Easterbrook’s ouster, said in a message to employees Monday that McDonald’s does not tolerate the behavior of employees who are not up to our values Let’s not think about them.

More than 50 personnel imposed harassment

This one-year trial on sexual harassment is once again in the news. It sued Chicago-based McDonald’s and 39,000 of its restaurants. More than 50 McDonald’s workers in the US alone have accused McDonald’s of sexual harassment in the American Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or state courts.

McDonald’s may have to pay to the accused

McDonald’s is now trying to block Easterbrook from using its own stock options. At the moment it is unclear how much McDonald’s may have to pay to Easterbrook because McDonald’s says Easterbrook’s separation agreement makes it clear that its 2018 and 2019 equity awards could be forfeited if the company proves or That he is engaged in works that harm the image of the company.

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Easterbrook was awarded more than $ 29 million in stock-based compensation in the years 2018 and 2019. Easterbrook and his wife divorced in 2015, and the same year he became CEO of McDonald’s. Easterbrook is British. His career with McDonald’s began in 1993 as a finance manager in London.


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