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First US Patients Injected In Clinical Trial Of COVID-19 Vaccine

The whole world is struggling with the Coronavirus crisis at this time and till now its vaccine has not been detected. Many US companies are developing vaccines against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The virus has affected more than 3.5 million people and killed 257,207 people worldwide.

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. has tried its experimental vaccine on American patients earlier, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said another antibody treatment may be available if it does not work. This drug will be available for study in humans for the first time in June. Gilead Sciences Inc. is working to expand its virus treatment manufacturing for worldwide use. Pfizer Chief Executive Officer Albert Borla said in a statement, “In less than four months we will be able to test humans on preclinical studies.

 Here, more than 30 vaccines in India are in various stages of development and some of them are ready for trial. Experts gave this information to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Let me tell you that PM Modi chaired a task force meeting on Coronavirus vaccine development on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday reviewed the current status of India’s efforts in developing the coronavirus vaccine, drug discovery, diagnosis, and testing. The official statement said that Prime Minister Modi’s review took note of the extraordinary coming together of the academic community, industry, and government. PM Modi felt that such coordination and speed should be embedded in the standard operating procedure. “He emphasized that what is possible in a crisis should be part of our regular style of scientific practice,” the statement said.

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