China Wuhan Lab Most Likely To Spread Corona Virus

China’s Wuhan Lab Most Likely To Spread Corona Virus: US Report

Speculation about the source of the coronavirus continues around the world. Meanwhile, a US investigation report has revealed that the virus is most likely to spread from China’s Wuhan Lab. The United States has gathered a lot of evidence in this regard.

The source of the coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world, has been revealed. According to a U.S. government report investigating the corona epidemic, the coronavirus is ‘most likely to spread’ from Wuhan’s lab. The report cites a wealth of evidence and suggests that coronavirus is unlikely to be transmitted to humans from any other source.

According to an exclusive report in the American newspaper Washington Times, the US government has said this on the basis of documents collected from open source. The United States has said there is no hard evidence that the Wuhan branch of the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control is responsible for the outbreak. Both are in the city of Wuhan, where the epidemic began.

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Circumstantial evidence found in the United States

The United States believes that even if there is no concrete evidence, the documents show that “there is circumstantial evidence to show that this is what happened in this case.” The documents conclude that the chances of the corona spreading from all possible locations other than the source of the coronavirus are very low. The revelation about the source of the coronavirus comes at a time when China is claiming that the source of the coronavirus is not known.

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China initially insisted that the coronavirus came from Wuhan’s wildlife vet market. He had said that the coronavirus came into humans from bats which are sold in the weight market. This claim of China is doubted all over the world. Not only that, but US President Donald Trump had also said that his country is seriously investigating the source of the corona and if China is found guilty, it will be fined billions of dollars.

The coronavirus has killed 218,013 people so far

The United States is investigating whether the coronavirus spread from Wuhan’s lab or whether it started naturally. US Chairman of the Giant Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley said on April 14 that nothing can be said about the source of the coronavirus, but evidence suggests it is natural. We certainly don’t know anything though.

The coronavirus has killed 218,013 people worldwide so far. A total of 31,39,009 people are infected with the epidemic. While more than 9 lakh people have recovered from the corona epidemic. The United States is now the most affected by the coronavirus spread from China. The death toll from the coronavirus in the United States has reached 59,266. After the US, Italy, Spain, and France are most affected by the Corona.

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